Access Token - mismatch redirect url

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get an access token to test my video game streaming web app. I tried using the Twitch Token Generator in the support section and that doesn’t even work. I named my redirect URL : htttps://localhost:3000. Once I click authorize, it says a mismatch redirect error. How can I fix this?

I am also quite new to coding, sorry for the annoyance.

Using someone elses token generator is not recommended. (I thought all references to this were removed from the documentation actually)

Try the Twitch-CLI instead Twitch CLI | Twitch Developers or build out the flow for your web app instead

If you are using the Twitch Token Generatior, I don’t believe htttps://localhost:3000 is a valid redirect URI for it.

But it is for the CLI

Either way, this error means the ClientID used doesn’t have the stated URL as a valid redirect.

Also this has too many t’s should be http
Additionall SSL on localhost is a odd thing

Lets go back to the start and get you going with the CLI instead - Configure the Twitch CLI | Twitch Developers

Thank you very much. THis has worked really well. I see the token has an expiry date, will I need to repeat this process to get a new one? Or can I use the refresh token? If so, how do you use the refresh token

Again, thank you for your kind help.

If you have an implict token, just get a new token.

if you are using the code flow that gives you a refresh then you can use the refresh as documented - Refreshing Access Tokens | Twitch Developers

I don’t know which flow will works best for your web app.

Perfect. And for registering the application, I want the functionality of my web app to pull the standard layout of twitch (ie, the stream, chat, description, all the top games etc). Should I use the Category “Broadcaster Suite” ? How can I get information about the different categories

The category is just an indicator to Twitch Staff what the expected use case is of your application.

So if your ClientID’s usage is reviewed they can infer why you are calling such and such an API heavily or not for example.

It doesn’t limit your access to API’s and products.

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