After Login, i am not getting any streams

After Login, i need to set logged user’s favourite streamer names… i got access token but not getting any user information or streams.

Can you be more specific when you say you’re not getting any user information.

Are you making a request to the correct endpoints to get the data you want? For example to get user information you need to use the Get Users endpoint

If you are sending a request to the correct endpoints, are you getting an error, are you getting an empty data array, or what?

i am trying to use oauth token for twitch login using below url to fetch data,
Scopes used :: [‘user_read’,‘user_follows_edit’,‘viewing_activity_read’]

And you’re setting the header correctly? you need to use the Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN header.

Also, in the new API you need to use user:read:email instead of user_read scope to see their email address, and the viewing_activity_read scope wont do anything for you as that’s for the VHS/Drops service, which only game developers registered on Twitch have access to.

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Yes, Thank you for give me “user:read:email” scope, i just got user information… could you please help me to set their favourite Twitch streamer name ? which api call should i use to set this ?

To get a list of who the user is following you’d use the Get User Follows endpoint and when making the request you would want to use the from_id param to specific the users ID so that it will return everyone they follow.

Streamer name means the channel or user I follow or someone follow me… correct ? what if i want to get all events for given streamer ? Note : All events like an embedded livestream, chat and list of 10 most recent events.

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