All UPPERCASE chat to lowercase

Is there some tool to change chat so that it is all lowercase. The problem I am trying to solve is that a few people insist on typing each message in UPPERCASE. They seem to also be the most chattiest also. Thanks

If you use a 3rd party chat client you could manipulate the messages so that they display to you as all lowercase, but it’s not possible to manipulate the messages on Twitch so that everyone sees them as lowercase.

Alternatively, you could get a bot for your channel that checks for how much of a message is uppercase and remove messages, or timeout the user, if they keep doing it.

+1 to the “moderation rule”

If you make it a moderation rule to disallow all caps, then your mods and/or bot can implement the rule and hand out punishment.

You can’t change what users send to your chat. But you canb tell your users off for breaking rule(s).

Sure in a “overlay that displays chat” you can do what you want, but I think the problem you describe is a “how to moderate my chat” question rather than a development question.

Thank you very much

Thank you also.

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