Always get redirected to true

My mobile browser doesn’t want to load this

Well both the client_id and redirect_uri are totally invalid

I censored them LOL. They are valid, since I can access trough my safari

Client_ID is public information
And can’t help debug the issue if you censor both the redirect_URI and the client_ID

Redrect_URI’s are often an issue due to a mismatch between what you put in the URL and what you put in the dev console

Ok there we are.
hudi://twitch/ is the redirect uri
hf14f0mh3zrquepfc2ni6ve68sw0ii is the client ID

The problem is that when I open it trough a safariviewcontroller (iOS Developer) it redirects me to that link.
If I open the link trough safari on desktop or I enable the desktop view from safari on mobile it works

So this is a duplicate post of?

Please don’t create duplicate posts.

Generally speaking for that sort of view/implementatation you want to be using implicit auth instead, to prevent leaking your secret (as far as I know): Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers

Still, it won’t change since I still can open the app authentication url trough my mobile browser.

Really dunno what to say lol

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