An update for the delayed bot verification request process

As promised, we are providing a further update regarding the chatbot verification process.

Pending Chatbot Verification Queue

We will begin processing the backlog of chatbot verification requests this week and they will be completed in the order in which they were received. We appreciate your patience during the time needed to do so. This post will receive a further update when the backlog has been completed.

Updates for Verified Chatbots

As of today, the documentation has been updated to reflect the following changes regarding verification.

1. Removing Known Bots Moving Forward

When the known bot status was released, it provided a way to identify Twitch chatbots with good intentions for the Twitch community and assist in our efforts to reduce malicious activity. With further advancements in the past several years and some confusion between known and verified chatbots, we have decided to simplify chatbot status into only two groups instead of three; non-verified and verified.

Any Twitch account that already has the known bot status will continue to have this designation and retain the Whisper limits of 10 per second, up to 200 per minute, for 500 accounts per day. However, no further requests can be made for this status moving forward.

2. Requirements For Requesting Verification

We’ve added wording to the documentation to explicitly state that verification requests should only be submitted for higher rate limits once the default rate limits have been reached. Submitting a request for other reasons (e.g. asking about a higher Whisper limit) or before the default rate limits are reached will not result in an approval.

3. Verified Bots Rate Limit Change

Verified bots will continue to have a higher rate limit for commands/messages, authentications, and joins. Verified bots as of today will no longer receive higher rate limits for Whispers. They will be subject to the same rate limits as a regular Twitch account.

Any Twitch account that already had verified bot status will continue to have the higher Whisper limit of 20 per second, up to 1200 per minute, for 100,000 accounts per day.


Thank you again for your patience while making the updates above and continuing the verification request queue. If you have any further questions, please feel free to add them below.

Update (2021-09-27): The request queue has been cleared and the documented response time should not be met for requests moving forward.