Announcing the Latest Helix Endpoints and Hype Train API

Another bug happens when setting the game/category with the Modify Channel Information endpoint, where it doesn’t update on Kraken.

It updates correctly on the Twitch page and dashboard, and in the Helix endpoints.

The same does not apply when setting the title from the same endpoint.

EDIT: This seems to be a more serious issue, since the Kraken API still isn’t showing the up-to-date game after now more than 4 hours since it was set.

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Is there a list of the event types to expect in the Hype Train response? I looked at the API documents and all I see is “hypetrain.progression” in the example output. Would be nice to know the others so we can code against it without having to ask our users to push a hype train.

hypetrain.progression is the only event type, there’s nothing else to a hypetrain. Everything from the first progression message that is the start of the hype train until the final contribution is all just progression events.

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The documentation for the response was not updated, apologies for the confusion. status and description will be removed from the documentation, and game_name will be added. The example on the right is correct.

I will check on the intended empty value for game (null, empty string, etc)

You are correct about the 200 return code, this will be updated as well. It was a copy/paste error from the modify endpoint.

I will also check on how many broadcaster_ids can be specified and request this be added to the docs; both the maximum and the fact that multiple can be provided.

Good catch, will pass that along to update the delete follow example.

Sorry for the confusion. status and description should not be documented as part of the get or modify channel information endpoints; these were removed during our beta process. User and Channel objects will not be consolidated, the intended differentiation is that a channel object contains the information about a channel page that belongs to a user while a user object contains information about the person.

Noted, the Get Stream Key formatting should be updated soon.

Apologies for the confusion, this is an error. status and description will be removed.

I will double check with the team that only broadcasters are intended to have access through their oauth token or if editors should be allowed.

Thanks for the reports. Passing both to the team.

We’ll be sure to document more types should they become available, but yes, hypetrain.progression is the only one currently.


Is new channel endpoint working correctly? I changed game through new endpoint. If I go to my channel, home shows different game (game before change from new endpoint) than API has. If I click on chat, and it shows channel, it shows correct game. Clips and highlights are from old game as well.

Since Helix can handle User follow/unfollow, can we have the same functionality for Games as well? Imo from the users perspective there is no difference between the two, but it’s a bit wonky that as devs we can do only one of these.

I know it’s not Xmas, but there is one thing i would really like, a random endpoint. We could set the min and the max viewer count (optionally for further filtering we would have language and game) and the end point would return random streams with viewers between min and max, with a limit if necessary.
Personally i want to use this to give access to smaller streamers.

This is an announcement thread. If you want to request features the appropriate place is UserVoice

If only the broadcaster token can change channel information, then the broadcaster would have to provide a token to all their editors when they’re using clientside tools. It seems that clientside tools for e.g. mods or editors are more and more shut out of the API by making access broadcaster-only (see also Hype Train Events and Moderator Actions).

This seems to be related to the bug I reported earlier in the thread.
Unfortunately until this gets fixed the endpoint can’t really be used in production.


I added an entry on the UserVoice suggesting editors to have access:

Does we have any news about

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