Any way to get access_token through just a script?

Hello, I need to get the access_token so I can view the subscriptions of a profile… This is the first time I’ve ever really messed with authorization, so please forgive me if I’m sounding silly.

I’m making a bot for my friend, though this bot needs to get access to his subscribers list. I told him to give me his oauth from but since I’m learning, I quickly found out this is only for logging into chat. Since this bot is just a script and doesn’t have a display page (as it’s a mix between a Discord bot and Twitch chat bot) does this mean I’m unable to do this unless I make a webpage specifically for this use?

You need a web page of some sort to get a token. I made a page to generate a token with desired scopes that you’re free to use if you 1) trust me and 2) really don’t want to setup a simple web page for it.

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You’re a lifesaver, I was hoping there was something like this. Bookmarked it. :slight_smile:

So, apparently Chrome does not work with this… I asked my friend to do it, he uses Chrome. The token box popped up but the token box is blank and cannot click in it. I tried and same result (on Chrome). I tried FireFox and Edge and those seem to work.

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