Api down right now?

Anyone else having issues or is it my side. I get randomly no data back from API calls.

What calls are you making?

Things seem generally ok here.

There is a reported issue going around with Token/Authentication stuff but not the API itself

hi, i have an app which refresh the users token every hours
at 5pm, 6pm and now i have only 500 errors


{“status”:500,“message”:“internal server error”}

and this

{“status”:500,“message”:“circuit is open: concurrencyReached=false circuitOpen=true”}

i think this is a twitch problem because this code is working from several months

can u confirm is a Twitch’s problem?

The only public information is what was said on the IGDB Discord about an issue with Authentication which seems to be what you have run into.


Mostly all calls, I get random empty data back, just simple id calls like

curl -X GET “https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?user_id=id” -H “Client-Id: id” -H “Authorization: Bearer token”

I get randomly data back and most of the time just

Started to happen some hours ago, but right now it seems not to happen anymore.

That could be the streamer being offline when you called rather than an API error.

That was just an example. Regardless what calls, it randomly gave back empty json. It is not happening anymore since an hour or so.

But if it is what you said above, than that must be the cause, and it seems to be stable again. Thanks for letting me know.

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