API wrong igdb_id Call of duty : warzone ( 2.0 )

As twitch decided to keep the same name for warzone and warzone 2.0 we get a wrong IGDB id in results:

from the endpoint

https://api.twitch.tv/helix/games?name=Call of Duty: Warzone

the igdb_id return the old warzone id from IGDB. ( 131800 )

it should return 217815

It’s not wrong.

This is a name conflict and the older record wins here.

Or infinity ward asked for them to be combined leaving the IGDB record set to the older name conflicting title

call it how you want, in fact it doesn’t return the right id.
that’s just what I am saying

There is technically no warzone 2.0 category. So the category links to the older game.

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