Authentication Issue - you are about to leave Twitch

Hello I am using this sample for twitch node authentication but it looks like there is some problem.
When accessing auth url it redirects me to twitch page but there is no auth form but this box saying:
"You are about to leave Twitch.

Twitch has no control over the content or security of localhost: //."
(I translated it from polish)

There is continue button but when i click it nothing happens.

My callback url is: http://localhost:8124/auth/twitch/callback
maybe thats the problem?

If you’ve already gone through the OAuth flow for that app, your Twitch account is connected to that app so Twitch will automatically just pass you straight on to the redirect URL. If nothing happens when you get sent back to your redirect URL that’s an issue on your side with the site you’re hosting to handle that redirect back to you.

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