Authentication stopped working


The authentication in my application has stopped working today. After entering the correct username and password in the OAuth form, it’s showing the following error message (in the login dialog)

Oops! We encountered an unexpected error logging you in. Please try again.

and it doesn’t redirect to the specified OAuth redirect url. Sometimes it’s saying

Please complete the CAPTCHA correctly.

although there was no captcha embedded in the form.

I have not changed any details in my registered application since little more than a year, that’s why I’m thinking that something broke on Twitch’s end.

The protocol of the OAuth redirect url I’m using is not http/https, though. My application is based on NW.js (formerly node-webkit), which is using its own protocol “app://” (which basically mimics a local webserver). I’m not sure if this is the reason for all this, but why else would it reject correct login attempts? I can remember that different protocols were not supported in the past, but this had changed roughly 2 years ago. I has been working flawlessly since then and has just stopped working today…

A bug in my application is definitely not responsible for this, since there is no redirect at all, as I’ve said…

Thanks for your help!

Forgot to say that all existing oauth tokens are still working fine.

I use NW.js for some of my apps and cannot reproduce. Generally the errors you’re reporting happen if a session state on Twitch’s backend gets into a glitched state. You might try clearing the cookies of your NW.js install if you still have the same issue.

The thread can be closed now, since I’ve reimplemented the authentication based on a local http server that’s being started for the purpose of receiving the oauth redirect.

I had written my application in a way so that all cookies set by Twitch were being removed after a successful authentication. That was definitely not the issue here. Redirects to the app:// protocol had also been enabled in NWjs. And as I’ve said, the authentication stopped working without me making any changes to the previously working implementation. The issue was clearly on Twitch’s end, disabling redirects which did not match URIs in the /^https?://.+/ format…

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