Awesomium embed error

Hello, I’m trying to embed a player to an awesomium instance that is run within a game as overlay and I’m getting an error from your player. I tried both interactive and non-interactive versions following the reference mentioned in the documentation. Below is a console screenshot of the error(s) (error message \n source \n line).


You’ll have to contact Awesomium’s support for help with embedding into their platform.

My Awesomium instance works fine, YouTube embed works great, Spotify embed works great, Vimeo embed works great even YouTube Gaming embed works just fine in the instance… the only iframe that gives an error is Twitch one (and not only in iframe, even Twitch.Player).
I’m not sure why you’re redirecting the problem to Awesomium that quickly.

There is no way for us to investigate the problem in a third party software like Awesomium. For our embed, we support the latest versions of modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). In general, these types of errors come from an outdated version of Chromium or WebKit or missing media plugins for playing back HTML5 video.

Now that’s an answer. Thanks you for your time!

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