Bash CLI / No entry point

Hi there,

I don’t seem to understand the starting point of the API. I registered an app with client and secret, but I don’t get how to use it really. All requests I try are getting denied.

I understand the concept, but I’m not getting over the whole “How to do it exactly”. I’m trying to code a simple bash cli script for personal use. As per my understanding I need an app access token, if I don’t want to tie it to a specific user.

All this script will be, is to get online status of a list of predefined streamers, later on adding game information and so on. I don’t want to control a channel, I just want to read information that is already accessible without even being logged in to Twitch. For educations sake I would like to use the API, maybe later change to JS to embed the code into a website.

Am I even on the right path here with the app access token? I’m totally lost.


An App Access Token is for server to server requests where you don’t have a user involved.

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