Basic App with Twitch api help please

Hey guys this is my first post ever so sorry if I’m not descriptive enough but I’ll try my best. I was going to create a simple app that allows a user to create a login and search games that print out the most viewed streams from that search (maybe 10-20 vids), I also wanted the user to able to favorite these videos to their own profile. If anyone could give me some advice on how to start a project like this involving the twitch api I would really appreciate it and also Im using Sinatra framework for this project. Thanks to anyone who checks this out.

This seems to replicate the behaviour of

This shows all live streams from all channels by most popular (number of viewers).

Or are you talking about VODS and not streams?

Yeah I’m actually talking about VODS sorry for the confusion, I was hoping to do it by searching a certain game and getting its top VODS, not so much by channels but that could be something I could incorporate. Thanks for the response!

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