Best way for migrate to Ext. Configuration service?

I want to migrate all my EBS logic to configuration service, i use mongodb with 7000+ streamers configuration, with way i should to use? A script that get all mongodb data (20 every minute) and put it into the twitch api? Or is there another better way??


Rather than doing that, do you have a way set up, so that your Extension sends the JWT and thus the channel ID to your EBS, from any of the views.

If so, when you get that PING, you can use that as a instruction for “is still installed” and perform the update of the Configuration service for that installation then?

Yes, i can do it, and set a value (migrated: true) in my mongodb, and after 2 or 3 week i start using only configuration service and place a notification in viewers.html that need to configure the extension if is not

** I think is not necesary do the migrated: true, or maybe only for get information that how many is migrated so i can decide to go full configuration service or not

Then the road map is:

  • Viewer get broadcaster’s ext. Data
  • If not data it will call to the backend, and backend will return the broadcaster configuration and put it into configuration service.
  • If data exist just work normally and will not call to EBS.
  • After some week, if not exists configuration, it will not call to the EBS and only will show a notice msg in the viewer.html

Is ok?

Ah and in the broadcaster configuration logic will work from the start only in configuration service

Pd: sorry about my english :frowning:

Seems sane to me!

Nice, i will do that then, rly thx for the suggestion!!