Bot banned from Whispers?!

Twitch Username: Alientonx
Bot username: PerlerBot

Thanks so much, the bot seemed to get banned from whispers last night.

Hi guys,

I have added all those usernames. It’s based on a rolling 24h window - so it might take 24h to kick in from the point that you started having whispers dropped.


Twitch Username: Rodr1c
Bot: CohhilitionBot

Many thanks for your help.

Primarily using whipsers to confirm that a command has been registered by the bot instead of silently accepting commands and the user wondering if it was successful or not.

Twitch: Raeith
Bot: LzhBot

My Username: emrerocky
My Bot: cr_bank


Botname: ModTeamDE

We would like to move all user specific messages to whispers.

Chris // chdxd1

I guess I should get mine added as well.


I also run the following bots.
tehbot (tehMorag)
gasmbot (iKasperr)

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I too am unable to send whispers, but am able to receive them.

botname: chinnbot

Thanks @Xangold

I have yet to implement whispers into my bot, but I’d like to get on the list just in case I screw up testing somewhere and loop too much.

Twitch: Moomasterq
Bot: Lessermoobot

Twitch username: marci4
Bot: Marcisbot

thx for the help

Not sure if shadow banned yet but having trouble with whispers.
Bot: hurnbot
Channel: hurnhu

I never had any issues when i used whispers so far, but i kinda paused working on my bot some time ago.

In case i start using it again i don’t want something bad to happen, so here i go:
My Name: Marenthyu
My Bot: MarenBot

Thanks so much :smiley:

I am running my own bot in the channel, the bot does interact with the users quite a bit, which turned the channel into spam fest when i get more viewers in, the bot got banned basically after the first or second hour of using whispers.

I was obeying the limit of max 3 whispers per second and no more than 100 whispers per minute.

Twitch Username: cTnko
Bot Username: cTnkobot

Hey - i tought you have whitelisted my bot - but today it got banned again :frowning:
could u check if it is whitelisted ?

Botname: nookys_cookiemonster
username / streamname: nookyyy

regards nookyyy

Users that have responded up to this point should be taken care of.

@nookyyy, can you let me know if that happens again? Please email me directly at as it’s time sensitive for me to check it.

Botname: hnlbot
username / streamname: hnlpower

Botname: 99DamageBot
Username: Smatify_

Bot name: WiggleBot
Username: DoctorWigglez

Twitch Name: AuSLove -
Bot Name: AuSRobot

Thanks Aaron.