Bot emergency powers : Staff / Admin / Global Mods

Hey there,

I’m currently implmenting a way to shutdown my bot remotely in case of severe issues.
Excluding my own user list, which Twitch groups should I add automatically to my list ?

What is the difference between Staff and Admins, can I trust both with extra priviledges ?


Does this help Twitch Help Portal

Unfortunately nope. Because as I read it, Twitch staff could also be the accountants for instance. What I’m looking for is for those who a slight of technical environement

Well “Twitch Staff” are above “Twitch Admins” so if thats your fear, then you are helically wrapped around a plane

Edit: Further more technically inclined staff have better ways to shut down your bot that a button on your infrastructure

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I guess so, but my guess it never hurts to add soft ways before hard ways are used.

Currently the bot will obey emergency stuff by anything above or equal to a broadcaster ( Global Mod, Admin, Staff )

But wanted to see if i could get a clarification of who is considered as Twitch Staff, because Admins sounds clearly ok in the category I’m looking for

Hey @Citillara,

To the best of my knowledge, those indicated as Staff are those directly employed by Twitch.
I hope this helps. I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have as well!

— Amorelandra

Admins are contingent workers who moderate the website and some event channels. Everyone else working for Twitch is staff.

@Citillara As Barry mentioned in the case of an emergency where your bot is doing something bad (ie spamming many times a second), we would not use your tool to shut it down, we’d take other measures. If you’re looking for a group that you’d want to use it, admins are the best bet IMO.

“Staff” are from all departments, and we don’t have any site accessible user flags that indicate which. Determining your own risk tolerance for that is a good idea. Whitelisting any group always will have benefits and risk.

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