Bot initiated Whispers

I’m doing some preparation for a charity event on Friday/Saturday.

The account barrykitten is (or should be) Whitelisted for whispers

But seems to be if the start of the conversation is from the bot, they do not go thru.

I get no notice message in IRC.
But when logged in as the bot I cannot see the conversation in the conversation list.
If I initiate from web or other user to the bot then things run as normal.

The thing is, it’s the same account I’ve been using to prompt uses for St. Jude donation messages all month and it seems that the functionality I developed is now spontaneous not working because bot conversation initiated whispers conversations over IRC is broken? Or spam filtered…

I’m not sure whats going on…

Are Whisper conversations initiated by barrykitten being dropped?
I’m at the “bang head against wall” stage whilst I try to debug what is broken…

Hi Barry,

That username does not seem to be whitelisted. Should be taken care of now.


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Heh much obliged. I’m sure it was on my list of names in the beginning.

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