Boxart links not working anymore

Api gave back box art in the format:


but using arbitrary width and height, for example:

doesnt work anymore since some hours. why was this changed? are there no arbitrary width and height allowed anymore? if so, what values are valid?

Edit: It seems the links are working again, a few hours ago I got a 404 error for ALL boxart links (example above). Does this have something to do with this announcement:

Did you accidentally shut down other API parts too without annoucing?


Seems fine here?

Is working

Seems there may have been a temporary issue - Game box art not being pulled from IGDB onto twitch - #2 by Xemdo

I edited my post. The box art links are working now again. They were definitly NOT working about 10h ago, for several hours. Giving errors. I noticed with my app that new box are links for games shown in my apps were not working anymore, I thought you changed the valid width and height maybe, but then I noticed ALL box are links gave a 404.

Does this have something to do with the timing of Legacy badges endpoint shutdown details and timeline - June 2023 - #4 by jbulava ?

Maybe you should investigate this.

No boxart is a totally different system

There doesn’t seem to be a current issue .

What game are you trying to load box art of can you cite some examples?

So I compared

I cannot find an issue throwing arbitary width/heights in for overwatch

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Here is the log and proof from tonight, I went to bed about 10h ago and just woke up and noticed the box art links are working again.

Update thread interrupted.
Resetting background tasks
Setting waiting bit: 0 = false
Setting waiting bit: 1 = true
Main update thread: interrupted @2
Main update thread: sleep 1000
First boot running game box data update: id=13050
Adding game boxes: [{“id”:“13050”,“name”:“Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”,“box_art_url”:“{width}x{height}.jpg",“igdb_id”:"1128”}]
Adding game id/url: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, 13050,
Starting imagedownloader for game boxes
Jun 07, 2023 3:17:49 AM twitwho.swingworkers.ImageDownloader lambda$doInBackground$0
FireThreadDoneEvent received: gameBoxesDownload, status: false
at twitwho.helpers.IOParser.downloadFileToImage(
at twitwho.swingworkers.ImageDownloader.lambda$doInBackground$0(
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

All box art links were giving 404 about 10h ago.

So there is no current issue.

Seems there was an issue earlier but there isn’t an issue now.

There is nothing to investigate as it’s already solved (also note I am not Twitch Staff just another third party developer, so I can’t investigate more than test the issue myself and there doesn’t appear to be an issue at the moment)

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Yes they are working again. But I find it odd, that the timing is maybe combined with the api end date for the badges. Maybe they messed something up and also did a 404 warning window for the box arts last night.


Since the perm shutdown date for badges is tomorrow.

And it’s a completely unrelated system since the box art system also feeds the site, and box art ingest was also down from IGDB to Twitch.

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