C# bot help/commands

Ok, So I am a little stuck here, been working on my bot for a few days now in C# and I have hit a brick wall with sending commands to my channel, I have read that I should use “.” instead of “/” but Cant get it working, I would be grateful if someone could show a command string that they have working (A timeout one would be best since that is the one I really want to work at the moment)

This is my first post so sorry if it is the wrong place, if it is I would be grateful for it to be moved to the correct location.


You would have to send the command as a “PRIVMSG #CHANNEL :.timeout USERNAME 600”

Think that worked, thanks so much, I was under the impression I still had to add the $":{userName}!{userName}@{userName}.tmi.twitch.tv" Before the commands, I cant believe it was something that simple, thanks a bunch.
Saved me a lot more swearing there thanks again.

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