Can someone test my Twitch App? (see if it loads correctly on your setup)

I have a twitch / OBS app . It works on my end (tried multiple accounts, and they all work), but at a friend’s house, he was not able to login with his account (my account worked at his house when I logged in). This is a strange problem since it appears to not be an issue with the account (since at my house, any account I try works. Ive tried like 8), and it also doesnt look like its related to a device since my account worked at his place, and my phone using cell data can login. It seem to be an issue of “not my house” AND “not my account” for some reason. I want someone to try the app and see if they can reach the app after login, or if they also reach a white page that just says something about “Twitch error: could not save to db”, so I can try to pinpoint what it causing it.

Sounds more like a issue with your database query.

That’s not a error returned from the Twitch oAuth loops

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