"Cannot read property 'subscriptionStatus' of undefined" error


Since this morning we are experiencing an issue when using “twitch-ext.min.js” library in the developer rig. This is the error we get in the console:

**Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'subscriptionStatus' of undefined
    at e.initializeViewer (twitch-ext.min.js:22)
    at handleMessageEvent (twitch-ext.min.js:1)**

This is happening on at least 3 computers in our company, looks like a bug on the Twitch side. Does anyone has any information about it and ETA for the fix?

It’s a “known” issues (as discussed in the Dev Discord)

Waiting on Twitch to get up and resolve currently

Thanks for the response. I guess i’ll start using discord :slight_smile:

This is reported as fixed.

Please restart/update your Developer Rig