Can't Follow/Unfollow using the API

I noticed some problems with my bot earlier and eventually found out that the Follow/Unfollow endpoints are deprecated.
My question is what can i do now?
My bot needs to be able to send messages to the chat obviously, and if it can’t follow, then there is a good chance it can’t send a message!
My Bot also only follows streamers who have authorized it,
so are there any scopes i need to get authorized for so i can follow them?!
Whats the solution now? :frowning:
My bot has never done anything suspicious, so is there a way i can apply to get my access back to those endpoints?

As per what i found in the Twitch Dev Discord server, this seems to be a dead-end unfortunately :frowning:

Mod or VIP the bot!
Anything that gives it a badge in chat works to “bypass” follow only mode

And see this announcement thread

and see

and see

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