Channel name change during chat session?

As we know, you can change your twitch nickname. We also know that in IRC we recognize the channel by its name, not ID. Both in JOIN and PRIVMSG.

@<tags> :<user>!<user>@<user> PRIVMSG #channel :<message>

Here is the situation that is bothering me:

  • Suppose I connect to the channel #xangold
  • During this session, Xangold changes his nickname to Xansilver

Now what happens? Will I be receiving #xansilver in PRIVMSG instantly after the change?

Sadly the room just stops to exist when this happen, no`NOTICE/ROOMSTATE or anything, only thing you’ll see is that you wont be able to JOIN that channel. You’ll have to figure out the new channel name and join it yourself.

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