Channel redeem receive problem

I’m using tes.js to subscribe to the ‘channel.channel_points_custom_reward_redemption.add’ eventsub type.

However, I’ve noticed that if the title, prompt, or user_input contains the ‘&’ symbol, there is no way to receive the data.

I’m utilizing the feature to receive URLs, with the following results:
example[dot]com/?qs1=1 → success
example[dot]com/?qs1=1&qs2=2 → failed.

Could someone please assist me with this issue? Thanks.

I tested this:

"user_input":" ",

Works fine for me, RAW “dump” of a recieved HTTP POST.

This would suggest it’s a problem with the library you are using and not with eventsub itself

You’ll probably need to file this with the developers of tes.js so they can investigate and resolve

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