Chat bot comment woes

I am working on a chat bot written in c++ as such I am connecting though the socket interface… However I have two main issues.

  1. The Chat Bot will successfully connect to my channel but doesn’t appear in my viewer list although it can see messages that are posted successfully

  2. I Cant see messages from my Chat Bot

sendbuf = “PRIVMSG #weirdbeardgame :Test”;
send(ConnectSocket, sendbuf.c_str(), (int)strlen(sendbuf.c_str()), 0);`

is the code That I’m attempting to send my buffer message with… Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You seem to be missing the message delimiter \r\n in your sendbuf. The viewer list is always somewhat delayed.

I just added \r\n no change… nvm I figured it out I was missing it on another buffer :confused:

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