Chat Command > Spreadsheet

Is there a way that I can add a command to one of the bots (like !add [info here]) and then it automatically adds data to a Google Spreadsheet?

Example, if someone in a Pokemon stream wants to give me their Friend Code, I could do:
“!add [their username] FC: [fc code here]”
or something like that and it’ll add it for me to the spreadsheet? Or allow them to add themselves to it?


Yes you could make a bot do it.

Yes you could use the Google Spreadsheets form maker alternatively and just link to that form

Now how would I go about this?
I made a Form, now how do I make the bot connect to it and have it do what I want it to do?

If you did the form, you wouldn’t need a bot command. Just a link to the form

No, I’m trying to make it so people can do it right from the chat.
Like !add fc [fc here] [in game name here] and it adds to the form by itself without actually having to go to it.

You’d need to go look at the Google Docs API to see if you can do that and implement accordingly, you’d need a bot that supports API type commands (I know nightbot does) and probably a server in the middle to help process it

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