Check user's stream team with OAuth/V5 API

Hello everyone,

We are building a web app that acts as a CMS for Esports team owners. One of the features that we try to offer to our users is to Twitch team owners to be able to authorize us to retrieve their team info through the Get Team route as described

However, in order for the Get Team route to work, the specific team name would be required. I would need to know the team name of whoever authorized our app to retrieve their user info. It seems that the GET route described in the docs does not retrieve any information about the stream team that particular user is in, even if they are an owner. Is there any way that we can retrieve anyone’s twitch team name through the API? It would help relieve a lot of our users a lot of work as they would sometimes have 50-100 users in their twitch teams such as this

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There are no official active end points which provides this information. And last time I went digging I got nothing useful.

Might be some bits to see who is in a team, but there has never (in any of the old/ancient stuff) been anything about whom owns a team.

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