Checking Live Status - the correct way

Hi, im new to the API!

Im currently developing an cummunity platform (facebook like, with news and reviews) dedicated to gamers.

I want to inform the user if a Friend goes online. I have for this an Websocket that checks the notifications of my website.
One of them is the notification “FRIENDS_TWITCHSTREAM_ONLINE”. To get to the notification im struggeling with the way to communicate with the api. Since there are no Webhooks my first thought was to ask the API for all Users on the global Webapplication Event “OnRequestStart” (Triggered if some makes an Request to the website). But this will not be the “Real Time Notification” Way… Will i reach any limit if I update the livestatus on my side inside another Websocket for example polling every 30 Seconds?

Im also updating the profile info on Profile Page Loading if data is older than 30 Seconds. with /streams/:channel



Polling every 30s shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to always send in your client_id. If you don’t include it, you may be rate limited. :slight_smile:

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