Configuration Page Update

UPDATE (August 28th, 3:30PM PST):

Hi everyone,

As an update, we have deployed the change to the modal to now be 80% of the browser window. As noted below, this should support closer parity with the prior configuration page, only now a modal that sits on top of the Management Tab for streamers.

We have also updated the doc to note sizing as well.

Thank you!

UPDATE (August 27th, 1:40PM PST):

Based on the feedback regarding the width of the modal, we have investigated a better option. We are looking to update the modal so it’s now 80% of the browser window. This largely supports how extension configuration pages worked in the past and would allow the window to dynamically change as originally required.

We will only cap the iframe at 1100px if the 80% of the browser exceeds that to support an easier view of the configuration for streamers on small to mid-sized screens.

We are looking to push this update out tomorrow (Tuesday, August 28th) so it can hopefully rectify the issues most of you are seeing. Again we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your feedback.


Hi everyone,

Last week, we made an update to the Extension Manager regarding Configuration Pages. We updated the pages to now be modals that will land directly on the “My Extensions” management tab so we can help streamers land directly to manage their extension and activate them right away.

The new modal supports the 700px fixed height and the width is now set to 660px - anything larger will have a scroll bar. (This is now old information, please look at the update above with the change we’re making on August 28th based on feedback).

I know config was updated without a notice here beforehand and I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused the view for your extension configuration. We have also updated the docs today to state the 660px width. We will work to ensure moving forward changes like these are mentioned in the forums ahead of time.


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I hope so, as we extension dev’s will be the ones with angry streamers over an undocumented change we didn’t know about. And then if our extension is totalled screwed, have to push an update. Which then adds to the extension approval queue…

Uploaded a new version for my Extensions. Hoping for a quick approval :slight_smile:

@BarryCarlyon @Altoar Thank you guys for your feedback. I do understand and again apologize for the inconvenience.

We’ve gone ahead and worked on an update to support the feedback we’ve received on the size. I’ve updated both posts to indicate the change we’re making. We believe this change should help with your already-existing sizing and we are working to get this pushed tomorrow to help right the issue.

If you have any other concerns, please let us know.

Oh ok, just saw the new update… Now I have to change the Extensions config layout again :confused: But I like the 80% of browser size better! :slight_smile:

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problems like that happen, let’s wait for the update! :smiley:

I don’t think everything needs to be an RFC, but I would certainly love a bit of advanced notice next time something like this is going to happen! :sparkling_heart:

Yeah this change isn’t even in the Release Notes it just “happened”