Connecting to Group Chats via node-irc

Just started messing around with node-irc and I’ve been able to connect to normal chats without any issues, but I’ve been having trouble with getting into group chats. Tried all the possible servers and ports listed for the group chat that I’m trying to reach but still no luck.

What IP and port combinations have you tried?

Current ones appear to be:


Also, what error are you getting?

Tried all those ports. I just started delving into this today so I the margin for error is definitely high.

Here’s what I have so far to simply connect:

var settings = {
    channels : ["#_thecreaux_1397348735201"],
    server : "",
    port: 80,
    secure: false,
    nick : "drekerr",
    password : "oauth:_____" 
var irc = require("irc");
var bot = new irc.Client(settings.server, settings.nick, {
    channels: [settings.channels + " " + settings.password],
    debug: false,
    password: settings.password,
    username: settings.nick
bot.connect(function() {
bot.addListener('error', function(message) {
    console.log('error: ', message);

If it connects, console will tell me. But if not, no error message. Nothing in the console.

I tried with my Node.js module and it works…

Source code:

Example of how to join a group channel with this module:


That module worked for me, thanks!