Creating my own API?

Sorry if its the wrong technical term

I want to integrate a list of widgets to my twitch channel. I know there are 3rd Party plug-ins out there LIKE Teeboard, Nightdev ect ect, but I want to advance my coding knowledge over the holidays and thought it would be fun to create one.

The problem is i have no idea as to where to start or what to look at to help me. I really want to learn a bit more into the back end of these API’s and actually last summer managed to create my own twitch chat bot :smiley:

Would love a bit more guidance and a load of tutorials or list of helpful info


An API is a “application program interface”, which according to WIkipedia is “is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.” - i.e. just a bunch of functions you can use to interact with another program. What you’re thinking is certainly not an API, but just a plugin? You will have to decide on a browser to use (I suggest chrome, because. yeah.) and then look up the documentation regarding these plugin APIs they expose (see for the chrome tutorial or see Tampermonkey (Greasemonkey in Mozilla Firefox), which allows you to easily add javascript to websites).

Hope that helps.

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