Cumulative Subscription Tenure - PubSub and UserNotice Updates for Launch

The deprcated field

  • Deprecated Field - months - former way to track months in the subscription pubsub

Is showing as zero instead of a number

msg-param-months for gifted subs is sharing the cumulative of the gifter and not the giftee.

We had multiple reports of this gifted subs behavior for msg-param-months. We are deploying a fix ASAP.

The deprecated field is showing 0 because of legacy client support. We will be completely eliminating at a later date. Was a miscommunication with me and the team, apologies.

I missed that the post was updated to include that message/note.

I now have a wall of 0 month resubs in the stack all over the place as a result.

S’all good.

Not sure if i should post here, but PubSub API sometimes return me multiples times the same alert for the same subscriber.
I talked with these subscribers and they told me they were able to click multiples times on the “resub button” (??) before closing the windows. And this launch multiple alerts on the chat and of course on the PubSub API

Known issue which is in the progress of being fixed

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My code worked so I am happy about that but I am curious if you will add the cumulative sub params to the subgifts? It doesn’t show up if some one is gifted a sub currently. It would be nice to denote gift subs that also have cumulative months.

That was mentioned up above. msg-param-months gives the cumulative number.

Thx, must have just skimmed over it some how!

This text will be hiddenStreak and Tenure are not always equal, so they are not duplicate fields.

(Edit: I misunderstood the original comment)

We have addressed the multiple times for the same alert issue. Please let me know if there are any big things for that.

Check your own message from 14d ago, where you made the changes in tags:

But now both tags are in a resub message. Same goes for the other tags.

There should only be “msg-param-should-share-streak=1”.

Got confused by the syntax, I’ll look into this.

I also realized that with new Subs, the msg-param-cumulative-months starts with 0, but a subgift to a person which never hab sub starts with msg-param-months=1.

Got feedback from the team that we will be cleaning this up in the next couple of weeks, this was added this way in case anyone had already added support for the initial method and weren’t able to make change in the meantime.

If you guys need a concrete date for the removal of the duplicate fields please let me know and I can see if the team can prioritize in a way to give a hard date.

The other question about msg-param-cumulative-months = 0 vs msg-param-months = 1. We are aware that there is a potential race condition in the system that causes this issue. The intention would be for both to be 1. We are attending to address this in a fix the timeline is TBD. I will update when I know more.

Wanted to try and clear this up:

{ raw:
   '@badges=subscriber/12,bits-charity/1;color=#83C0FB;display-name=taterholic;emotes=161059:9-16;flags=;id=f06c6156-ed37-4a43-98e2-e1216acf93c7;login=taterholic;mod=0;msg-id=resub;msg-param-cumulative-months=18;msg-param-cumulative-tenure-months=18;msg-param-months=0;msg-param-should-share-streak-tenure=true;msg-param-should-share-streak=1;msg-param-streak-months=1;msg-param-streak-tenure-months=1;msg-param-sub-plan-name=The\\sLovers\\sof\\sCute\\sEmotes!\\s(And\\swell,\\smyself\\stoo.);msg-param-sub-plan=1000;room-id=32073647;subscriber=1;system-msg=taterholic\\sSubscribed\\sat\\sTier\\s1.;tmi-sent-ts=1549330510389;turbo=0;user-id=149158379;user-type= USERNOTICE #scrubing :FAKE SUB bingHype',
   { badges: { subscriber: '12', 'bits-charity': '1' },
     color: '#83C0FB',
     'display-name': 'taterholic',
     emotes: { '161059': [Array] },
     flags: null,
     id: 'f06c6156-ed37-4a43-98e2-e1216acf93c7',
     login: 'taterholic',
     mod: false,
     'msg-id': 'resub',
     'msg-param-cumulative-months': '18',
     'msg-param-cumulative-tenure-months': '18',
     'msg-param-months': false,
     'msg-param-should-share-streak-tenure': 'true',
     'msg-param-should-share-streak': true,
     'msg-param-streak-months': true,
     'msg-param-streak-tenure-months': true,
     'msg-param-sub-plan': '1000',
     'room-id': '32073647',
     subscriber: true,
     'system-msg': 'taterholic\\sSubscribed\\sat\\sTier\\s1.',
     'tmi-sent-ts': '1549330510389',
     turbo: false,
     'user-id': '149158379',
     'user-type': null,
     'emotes-raw': '161059:9-16',
     'badges-raw': 'subscriber/12,bits-charity/1' },
  prefix: '',
  command: 'USERNOTICE',
  params: [ '#scrubing', 'FAKE SUB bingHype' ] }

I found:

'msg-param-streak-months': true

To be odd and not sure if intended. Only instance I have of it happening so far and the rest have had integers.

seems like an error in your parsing logic. your raw line says msg-param-streak-months=1 which is an int, and seems to get converted to bool by whatever you’re using to parse the tags

Aha! Astute observation there, thank you! I can fix this up now.

The system-msg doesn’t contain the cumulative months if the streak is not shared:


In webchat:

tduva subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 45 months!

It would be nice if this could be fixed and show the same thing as in webchat, otherwise the system-msg for this can’t really be used for output.