Data provider in overlay

Hi, my extension uses external data provider and i want to integrate data by could i mention data provider like this “data by” or data provider logo? Is it content policies violation or not?

Referencing the source of your data should be fine. Leveraging someone else’s logo without authorisation could be troublesome. If they have granted you authority to leverage their logo, then things should be fine.

As to whether this would be an Extension policy, that depends on how it is implemented. For example, if you attempted to provide a link in a video overlay to their website, that is a violation. There are definitely paths forward that do not violate policy though.

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Awesome :smiley: Do i need to provide their authorisation if yes which way i can do this and in what form? Screenshot from telegram or discord with authorisation or nothing required( opensource with public API, not)?

That is a discussion to be had with them about their requirements.