Delivery order integration in the cat

Hi all! I’m not sure about this fact. Do you think I can integrate the possibility to place an order to my clients food delivery service using a chat command? For example, a user is in the chat and types /foodorder or what ever and a chatbot helps him to complete the order… is it possible in Twitch? Thank you very much! I’m new in devs program!

It’d be possible to start the process in Twitch chat, but it would move to a separate webpage for payment processing (something you’d set up on your own server) as well as if there is any personal information being exchange (for the security of the user).

So, as long as your bot has the ability to connect to a business that offers food delivery (maybe in a similar vein to TreatStream), then I suppose you could implement a ‘chat’ function to start the order, but Twitch itself would only offer the chat portion, everything else beyond would be in your court.

I’m not sure if there are any restrictions on Twitch’s side from setting something like this up, something like this is not something I’ve ever looked at to be honest.

Well you wouldn’t be able to do a slash command, but if you used !foodorder and then just dump off to whispers, but for security, I’d just move it all off platform myself, since you’ll need to, to handle payment, and deal with the issues of various input forms in order to offer similar checkout experiences to mobile and web users.

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