Dev Rig Changing Channel Name

I’m experimenting with my extension but can’t figure out how to change the channel name. When I log the authorize info to rig console, I see it is rig< Twitch Owner ID > but I list like EXT_CHANNEL=< A Username for a game > with other things before yarn start and it doesn’t change it. I read in the README docs that I’m supposed to clear browser’s local storage with localStorage.clear(); but that didn’t work either. Is there a specific layout for the steps to change the channel name?

for me clearing the localstorage was the thing that was essential for doing this.

I’ve just tested and this works

  1. stop the developer rig
  2. clear the localstorage with localStorage.clear(); as you say (double check you are doing it on a page with the rig on it.
  3. change the channel name in your arguments and start the rig again.

any panels you made should be gone as they were stored in the localstorage (along with their channel names and jwt tokens). I use chrome

The panel “sticks” the details for that panel/view.

So you just need to remove the panel/view and recreate I think?

But dumping all panels/views works too