Dev Rig v0.9.8 Feedback

I’m using the Windows version.

  1. When I run Host with rig, my localhost port changes each time. I have to then update my .htaccess file’s Acess Control Allow Origin each time I run the Dev Rig. Can you make this static or is there a setting for this that I have missed?

  2. For Developer Tools console settings, I have Preserve log upon navigation unchecked; however, it preserves the console output on refresh. What version of Chrome Dev Tools is the Dev Rig using? I found this bug report

  3. Can the internal console log be fully hidden or disabled? I rarely use it and when minimized it still takes up limited vertical real estate when Dev Tools is open.

  4. I’ve noticed Windows Task Manager shows a lot of CPU and Network activity coming from the Dev Rig even when it’s been sitting idol for hours. What’s going on here? Can you reduce this? My IDE doesn’t even blip compared to the Dev Rig.