Do these scripts exist?

I’m in the process of creating a channel. As I plan ahead I am thinking about how to do giveaways and so forth. I was curious if the following types of script exist, or if anyone could create it.

Caller number ### - Basically like a radio station call-in, except with a high number.
Example: Channel operator says “The 150th person to type in the word “winner” will win blah blah blah”.

The chat anti-flood timer would be temporarily set to a smaller amount of time. This could be determined by the channel operator on the fly, and/or fixed. In this example, say it was set to six seconds. This means a user can participate more than once, but must wait six seconds to do so.

The script counts the amount of correctly spelled entries as they come in.

Once the 150th entry is made, the user name and info is captured and is sent to the channel operator, and the chat announces the contest is over. There could be a switch in case the operator does NOT want to announce the winner automatically in chat, but rather verbally. This way chat says the contest is over, but the operator announces the winner in their unique way.

The chat system then automatically resets the anti-flood timer back to normal.

When capturing the entry, the script would take all entries and change the case to lower, and the match would be compared.

There could also be a switch where the chat announces the start of the contest. This should be a switch because maybe the operator wants to start the contest based on an event or song. In this way they simply activate the script for the contest, and users participate based on the event.

One other thing could be that the anti flood timer would only adjust itself based on the word/phrase. In this way, only the correctly spelled entry would not be affected by the anti-flood in chat during the duration of the contest. This would prevent anyone from taking advantage of the contest and flooding the channel.

So does this type of thing exist, or can it be written? What language are scripts for chat written in?

Thanks for your help.
Buck [VV]

Probably, its a wrong place for this request. Check for extended list of different bots.

As @splinny says check that list. Or hire a developer to build what you need

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