Does subscription still exist if scope are edited

Hey :wave:,

I have a question about a situation I meet with subscription. Here are the steps to understand the situation :

  • Login with the scope channel:read:redemptions
  • Create a subscription to be notified when a specific reward is redeem
  • Logout
  • Login without the channel:read:redemptions scope

When I fetch my subscriptions, the one I created is still working but I can’t create a new one.
Is it a matter of time before the one I created is deleted or will it works until I delete it ?

Thanks for your help !

Given EventSub doesn’t use user tokens. And does a check for it the user has granted the scope in the path this shouldn’t be the case. But based on:

You have an active subscription, you cannot create duplicate subscriptions with the same rules.

So I expect your issue is a 422 conflict not a 403 lack of permissions

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