Due to chatbot growth it will break send-rate limit, what should i do?

I have self-written bot, working as Software as service, so it uses only one account.

It is deployerd on ~40 channels for various purposes: general chatbot, statistics gathering, various simple events etc.

Another developer approached me, said he want to get access to gathered statistics, but asked to allow anyone to be able to deploy bot to their channels so his software could be deployed easily.

The fact of bot’s public deployment will increase its sendrate. Also i am afraid someone with malicious intents (or just for trolling) would try to get it permabanned on purpose (multiple channels created, creating one reply command, do it over numbers of channel or some other ways).

Is it somehow possible to increase limit further? Any general tips?

Beyond getting your bot “approved” or whatever via the thread in this forum, I think bots that exceed those increased rate limits are taken on a case-by-case basis. As I understand it, there are only a handful of bots that need to be elevated beyond the verified bot limits. Not sure if Twitch staff will increase your limits until they see the demonstrated need of it.

Even if you do get a higher limit, as the bot developer you’re responsible for how the bot is used and should ideally implement a system to stay within message limits to prevent, or at least reduce, your bots exposure to malicious activity and stop it from sending messages that would exceed the limit and result in a ban.

just did that, 6 hours ago, but having limit of 100 messages per 60 seconds on 40 channels is kinda weak

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