ELeague TV Stream Format?

I’ve recently written an addon using Yahoo’s Kontx Connected/Smart TV framework for my Vizio D-Series (2016) tv’s. The intention is making twitch available for stream in my spare rooms / bedroom.

However, this channel in particular (ELeague TV) fails playback. I assume it’s because the format is not natively supported by the TV. I do not know what format it is (audio or video) that is causing the problem, so I can then begin debugging the playback issue on the TV side of things.

Every other Twitch channel I’ve tried works just fine. Is there something unique about this channel?



I’ve noticed the ELeagueTV has different quality selections than other streams (720p60 vs Source, 720p30 vs High, etc)…

Is the api different for streams of this nature? Is there a new feature/beta of some sort I’m not aware of that might be breaking my addons that this channel is a part of?


From what I know the 720p60 etc. selectors are the “new” quality selectors that will replace the old vague quality steps. Not sure if anything beyond the labeling actually changed.

Yeah I believe you’re right… when I tried to playback eLeague I’d occasionally get a blip of audio/video into instant failure (sometimes just failure)… this occurs on my TV, my Web browser on my PC (Through plex twitch channel) as well as on my LG 4K smart tv using plex + twitch channel…

All of these devices are capable of playing other twitch streams through plex (no transcoding) otherwise… I really don’'t get why this one stream in particular doesn’t work.

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