Embed Twitch is missing recent chat features

Using the ‘Embed Everything’ API, the following buttons are not added to the chat UI:

  • Appearance
  • Elevate Message
  • Cheer
  • Channel Points
  • Moderator View
  • Chat Settings

Embedded Chat is missing the following features

  • Elevate Message
  • Cheer
  • Moderator View

Elevated messages are a four week experiement so who knows

For anything else you need a uservoice to request this functionality.
I imagine most of the other features you listed are excluded for security reasons.

Edit: if you mean embed chat can’t trigger an elevated chat message (as apposed to display), thats likely also down to security reasons (and it being a four week experiment)

These features are present in one of the embedded UI’s and not the other.

It’s appears that the Embed Everything UI has not been updated to include these features.

Where is the line between UserVoice, this Forum, and bug report when the report is “this feature is present in one API, but not the other that does the same thing”

Three places to report feedback. When should we use each?

GitHub for Docs issues and API bugs
UserVoice for feature requests.

This sounds more like a feature request. As it’s missing features from one compared to another.

The forums doesn’t work for bugs or feature requests. As staff don’t (in my opinion) look for these things on the forums, so should notice feature requests in UserVoice.

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