Endpoint Top Games from V5 API returns giantbomb_id always 0

Since 23 October I have noticed that V5 Get Top Games endpoint always returns 0 in field “giantbomb_id”.

Is it a bug? Or did I miss some announcement?

Twitch no longer use GiantBomb as a games database, they recently moved to IGDB and so don’t maintain references to GiantBomb game IDs.

The API returning 0 rather than removing the field from that deprecated endpoint is the safest option and least likely to be a breaking change.

Thank for the information!

Now I have one more reason to write some code this weekend :slight_smile:

This uservoice

Contains a request to update helix with the IGDB ID

And a note on how to use the IGDB API to get the IGDB ID by TwitchID

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Apologies for the confusion. It was an oversight during the IGDB migration and we only only posted about this side effect today.

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