EventSub Improvements/Suggestions

Heya! Was wondering what people think of the EventSub system? Any improvements you’d like to see?

I’ll Start:

The channel.subscription events are very lackluster. Aside from checking if it’s a gift, there isn’t much useful data here. Any chance we could see something like months total, moths streak, or the tier? I know this data is there, just curious as to why it hasn’t been included in this release of the EventSub system.

The channel.ban/channel.unban events could/should be merged imo. Just smash em into one topic and include a tag: “isBanned” as a boolean. Seems silly to have them separate, imo.

Loving the system, though. Particularly with how fleshed out the channelpoints system is here. HUGE relief to me. (Nearly done updating my rewards profiles system with the new calls!)

Features suggestions should be made to

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