EventSub subscriptions showing as status "beta_maintenance"

I’m subscribing to the guest star beta topics in eventsub. I got notified that their status changed to “beta_maintenance” this evening. I completely understand that these topics are in beta and may see changes in the future, etc.

My question is more around the handling of these statuses. I wouldn’t have expected to get notified of these being in “maintenance”. I searched the documentation and these forums for “beta_maintenance” and didn’t find anything.

When maintenance is over, will they return to enabled? Just trying to figure out how to handle in the future.


As per the lifecycle document:

Developers may use these products in production environments with the understanding that all aspects of the functionality, including query parameters and response structures, are subject to change without notice.

So you got “without noticed” on them going for maintenance for some reason

See also the updates to these topics noted in the change log

So it seems they put existing subscriptions offline as an update to the topics were done, and they want to ensure your subscription handler doesn’t explode from changes.

So you’ll need to update your code for the changes.
And likely delete/recreate the subscriptions for Guest Star eventsub topics, after you’ve checked your logic is up to date for the changes.

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