Extension Bits IAP


I’ve read and re-read most documentation I could get my grubby hands on regarding Bits in extensions. I’ve also spoke with other Twitch Developers and I’ve concluded no one has a solid answer. I kindly request some clarification. Specifically, from a Staff member or at least someone who has experience with this themselves as I’d like to avoid breaking any rules and pushing forward with an idea just to have a nice slap on the wrist: "no no no you can’t do that sorry. "

My question is related to: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/guidelines-and-policies/ under "Bits in Extensions - #11"

My partner and I are working on a very simple game to be played in a Twitch Extension. We have areas on the map that we wish to be "locked’ unless purchased. These additional map areas will grant the obvious: an additional area to explore, new items, story/quest/etc. My question is: would this be allowed to be inaccessible to players unless they purchased the area? Or would this fall under “gated content.”

Do note we do plan on providing enough content so that in theory a player could “grind away” and eventually defeat the end protagonist against the player. However, these ‘locked areas’ (purchasable by IAP) would make the journey quicker, the story “fuller” (additional lore, etc), and grant the ability to obtain additional items that would not be possible otherwise.

TLDR: Can we lock (and I suppose in terminology: gate) ‘maps’ (areas in the game) until a player purchases it, if it is not required to purchase, to “beat the game?”

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