Extension URL Social Sharing Metadata Update

Hi everyone!

We deployed a small update yesterday we wanted you to be aware of.

Before yesterday, when sharing extensions via social media, we defaulted to Twitch generic metadata (see below). This made understanding what the extension was difficult as no information surfaced about the extension in preview.

Now, when you share your Extension URL for released extensions on social media we are pulling:

  • Extension Name
  • Summary
  • Discovery Image (with a fallback to the Icon if you haven’t added an image/updated since June of 2018)

This should not require any forced updates from your end, but please be aware your Title, Summary and Discovery Image (or Icon) will now be visible when posting!


Hey has this gone live yet? If so, should it work for Twitter or only Facebook? I tried on my Twitter and just got the generic meta data.

Looking at the browser source for my extension’s details page I can see no Twitch meta tags other than <meta property='twitter:site' content='@twitch'>, although the OG ones are there that Facebook uses. Is there a plan to add Twitter specific meta as well or is there perhaps a different reason I may not have seen it working when I tweeted my extension link?

Seems to be working, here’s an example of a tweet with a nice box for the extension from @BarryCarlyon :smiley:



Thanks for clarifying that! Didn’t work when I tried it last night, perhaps Twitter was just being slow to pull in the information or something. Seems to be working now so please ignore me. Thanks for adding this feature!

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