Extensions his options don't work

Hi , I need help.
How to twitch set extensions? I need to set extensions Activate drop-down select ‘Set As Panel’ but his options don’t work.

If you are the extension developer then you need to setup the extension to offer the extension in the panel slot by providing a HTML file

If you are not the developer of this extension then the extension developer chose to not offer it as panel

Poly Bridge 2 - Creator Dashboard does seem to offer a Panel option.

If this is not working for you please check with the extension’s developer (Dry Cactus) on the listed support email, not this forum for help and assistance.


From this screenshot, it suggests that you need to configure the extension via the configuration view for the extension first.

And if that is not working as expected, please reach out to Dry Cactus, not this forum, for further help. We can’t help with help and support for other peoples extensions.

Pando! <3