Fetching Latest Followers From Specified Broadcaster (PHP)

Hello! I had a working PHP application that the user would specify a user and it would fetch a list of users that followed the broadcaster recently and channels the broadcaster followed. It worked fine, and was a starting point for me attempting to create a “common followed” web application where basically you would provide two different users and see the common followers between the two different broadcasters.

All that is to say, it was working fine, then I took a break for a bit, came back and found that fetching a broadcaster’s followers now requires a bit more than it did, and I’m a bit confused. I’m not sure if the user needs to be a moderator of a channel, or if the user access token (moderator:read:followers) takes care of that on its own? I’ve never dealt with having to worry about user access tokens in my applications, only OAuth.

I’ve never been one to simply just hop in and ask “hey, can you do this for me”, but I’ve been battling with this for about a week now trying to rebuild my app to work as it was. So I’m curious if anyone could provide the smallest PHP snippet that could help me get started with this. These were my original two PHP functions that worked without issue.

The old API was withdrawn and replaced

You need a token from user whom is a moderator or better on the target channel.

Before any token worked, where now you need user authorization.

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