Finding live channels through HTML parser?

I’m currently attempting to make a desktop widget via rainmeter. Unfortunately, it’s limited at best for creating things, but it’s really the only thing that lets you make widgets for your desktop like that. It has a basic HTML parser which can pull the raw HTML, and grab lines that you specify, although it can’t do authentication or anything. Is there page out there that has the live channels in the HTML?

I can’t really understand why Rainmeter doesn’t have proper JSON parsing, but alas.
The WebParser seems to just run regexes through a text document, so you can just as well try to parse the API.
Some topics on using JSON in Rainmeter:

Please do not attempt to scrape the website. Most of it is written as a client-side javascript app (which isn’t easily scrapable), and the few pages that aren’t JS driven soon will be.

As Sunspots said, it’s better to parse the API (even with regexes) rather than attempt page scraping.

I have created a Rainmeter Skin for viewing channels that you follow that are currently live which also includes online notifications and other features. If you’re interested, you can check out the thread on /r/Twitch here:

Or you can check it out at my webpage about the skin here:

It uses a Lua JSON script to parse the JSON feeds returned from Twitch API.

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